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This portfolio is a Webapp, a website that works like a desktop application,in the same way you can find them in your pc, mobile or tablet

A Webapp is easy configurable and portable to work in every kind of device, because his code is not device native, is coding with HTML5, CSS3 and Java script.

Using Chace Manifest, you can imporuve the speed of the app

With Local Storage, you can develop Login App, or remember personal data

SqLite databases will let you load content with ajax call, without a server involve

These are the 3 ways of making a Mobile App in our days:

I can actually working in the two first.

Using an Hybrid app you will be able to use all the features of you device, as camera, sensors, internal storage but with the univeral portability of a website, saving time coding in just one time for all kind of devices

Using a responsive design is possible to adapt the design to any device resolution, even showing different elements or interactivity customizing the app to the device or client use.

This are a few examples:

  • iPhone Portrait
  • iPhone Landscape
  • iPad Portrait
  • iPad Landscape
Alex Trebolle
Alex Trebolle
iPad Web Developer

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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio webapp!

I'm currently living in London, but originally from Spain. I miss my sun, but the job opportunities are more interesting here.

The last two years I have been working for Concise Media Design, developing webapps for iPad marketing events, using css,html and java script.

Our events are from 10 to 1000 iPads, and the attendees are able to follow the speaker's presentations from their iPads, as made interactive voting with live results, live Q&A session, fill feedback forms, consult relevant info, watch videos or read pdfs. All managing from our server and over our private wifi network.

I share my time between coding at the office, and working onsite. Because we are working with first line clients, as Morgan Standley, BNP Paribas, GE Capital.. I have to be on the actual events to make changes, add features or resolve bugs onsite. Also I use to take care of the control of all the iPads from the backstage, to swich between voting questions, power point presentations or other elements.

I have a web developer background, with some design skills. As a good linux and networking experience.

Started developing websites when I was just 13, but I made the big step during the University, when I met Wordpress and linux, and a whole new world just opened in front of me. During this time I built some linux "How to" blogs, as tuxhuellas.com or ubuntubyatreliz.com while I shared my experience as a forum moderator in todo-linux.com

Later went further in networking and start building wifi bridges, linux hardware firewalls, and vpn private networks.

As the same time I have always been continue making some freelance staff, as web developer or layout magazine designer.

And that's more or less my short story. Please don't hesitate to keep in touch with me.Speak soon!

CV and Skills( Tap on one of the secctions)

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  • Profile

    A main baggage of 6 years developing web sites within the last 2, full time, developing IOS apps for the European, Asian and States Markets.

    Always motivated and optimist for new challenges, I am ready for a job where continue developing my skills, and learning day by day.


    ➢ Excellent communication skills coupled with the ability to work under pressure.

    ➢ Enthusiasm surrounding emerging web technologies.

    ➢ Ability to prioritize and multitask working with a deadline.

    ➢ Creative problem solver with outstanding attention to detail.

    ➢ Hard worker and quick learner with a demonstrate initiative and positive work attitude.

  • Job Duties
  • Developer Skills

    ➢ Proficient developing Mobile applications (Webapps) for IOS and Android devices .

    - Javascript libraries to develop webapps: JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile, JQTouch, Raphael and Iscroll.

    - Knowledge of PhoneGap (Cordoba) framework to create mobile applications for IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone from a webapp.

    ➢ Strong hand-coding CSS3 and (X)HTML5.

    - Able to take Photoshop mockups and create working HTML templates.

    - Experience with emerging standards & technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

    - Used of Responsive Design to adapt design to diferent media and device sizes.

  • Developer Skills chart
  • Education & Qualifications

    2010. Marketing course. ( CVE )

    2010. Master in Web Design ( CVE )

    2007. Process Management course ( Zitec Enterprise )

    2007. Certificated course of PHP ( Nuteca Enterprise )

    2007. Bachelor Degree of Electronic Engineering ,at the University of Valladolid

    1999. Graduate from Nuestra Señora del Lourdes ́ school

  • Language Skills
  • Spare Time

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  • Time Map

    CurrentlyConcise Media Design - London, UK

    Full time iPad developer

    2011Gemin-I - London,UK

    Web developer developer,Front and back end

    2007Freelance Web developer - Valladolid, Spain

    Web developer and Magazine layout designer

    2007Campruva - Valladolid, Spain

    Web developer, and Network and Systems administrator

    2006Microsoft Research Mobility Centre

    IT support on mobile devices and databases

  • Concise Media Design UK, London 2011

    At the moment my job is a mix of code and customer side.

    Developing bespoke apps for iPads, using Java script libraries with CSS3 and HTML5.

    And going on site to the events the apps are for dealing with last minute client changes .

    Base in London I have been travelling around and working in our 3 offices: NYC, London and Hong Kong, expecially in the NYC one doing the 90% of the jobs.

    As the same time I’m still working as web developer during my free time.

  • Gemin-I UK, London 2011

    This was my first job in London.

    Gemini-I organize charity project,and I was involve in developing a Wordpress theme for one of them.

    It was a complex job where I was using CSS,HTML,PHP and Java Scripts as the same time, managing several effects and with 3 completely different css styles.

    I learned a lot of about mixing Php and Jquery to work together, and also is very grateful to work for a charity and help foundations to raise money.

  • Freelance Web developer Spain, Valladolid 2007

    When I was thirteen I made my first web with composer. Now and I have a long experience with cms like drupal, joomla, forophpbb, zencart.. and especially wordpress.

    I can manage: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Java Scripts(Jquery,JQuery Mobile..) and Flash.

    I was also the layout designer of the magazine “Articulo 20” during two years, working with Quark, and Photoshop.

    As the same time I was working in CAMPRUVA during the mornings.

  • Campruva Spain, Valladolid 2007

    My role here was, Networks and Systems administrator

    I was the responsible of the correct work on of the computers, and built the network (Windows and Linux servers) of our three offices to share staff and work online.

    Managing the databases of the programs and develop new software for our requirements. As well I was the responsable of email marketing and develop websites.

  • Microsoft Research Mobility Centre Spain, Valladolid 2006

    I spent 6 month of internships in Microsoft working with the beginning of the mobility devices, pdas.

    My employment in Microsoft was in an IT consulting team, like IT support. giving to the consultants tools to increase their job and manage the clients database.

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